Crispy chicken wings

The next best thing to sliced bread is crispy fried chicken wings. 
I’ve been making chicken wings for the longest time and I can say I make it perfect, and I’m about to give you the simple secret recipe. Sometimes the more simpler the better. 


24 chicken wings ( the small chicken wings & drumsticks )
1 cup goya rice flour or all purpose flour
1 bottle of La Gucamaya Habareno hot sauce
3 carrot stalks
3 celery sticks
1 bottle fresh and easy buttermilk ranch dressing
4 cups of vegetable oil


Cut your veggies into thin sticks, I’m sure you’ve had celery and carrots sticks before, so you know how to cut them. Put them in water and place them in the refrigerator so they are nice and cold when you serve them.

In a medium size deep pot, put the oil and get the oil very hot, this will take about 15 minutes, the oil must be very hot before you put in the chicken.

Wash the wings very well and put it in a bowl, and pat dry.  In a separate bowl put in the flour and toss 2 wings at a time, don’t put it all in, make sure each chicken wings is covered very well in the flour and put them in a separate plate.  

Once your finished with the chicken, put all the chicken into the pot.  It’s best to crowd the chicken into the pot.  For some reason they cook better this way.  Don’t stir the chicken, once you put all the chicken it, let it cook for 15 minutes before you move it around.  This will take about 25-30 minutes to cook.

The chicken will not turn brown, it will still be light, but it will be super crispy.  When you toss it around you should be able to tell if the chicken is cooked.  Once it’s done get a strainer and strain all the oil and transfer into a hot plate, you can warm up a plate or platter in the oven for about 5 minutes so your wings stay nice and hot. 

Serve these delicious wings with the carrots, celery, and dip them into the hot sauce and ranch.  Don’t drench the wings in the hot sauce.  This keeps your wings nice and crispy πŸ™‚
Pair the wings with a either a nice glass of chardonnay or a good IPA, I had it with a makers Manhattan πŸ™‚

Happy eating and enjoy cooking. Remember cook with love and your food will taste a lot better.



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