Cambodian BBQ

I always look forward to eating this  {simpledeliciousveggie&beef bbq}with our all purpose sauce.  In our house we mix up the veggies every now and then, there is no set veggie for this dish.  The more the merrier.


1 package thinly sliced rib eye
1 whole brown onion
1 whole napa cabbage
1 head broccoli
6 thai eggplants
1 package snow peas
1 package button mushrooms
1 package water grass plant
1 package spinach
1 package fresh flat noodles for wrapping
1 stick of butter (real butter, not margarine)
flat grill

All purpose sauce:

3 thai chili pepper
5 garlic cloves minced
2 limes
6 tablespoons fish sauce
1 dash of sugar
1 dash of msg

Prep, prep, prep

Slice all the veggies into bite size pieces, it’s easier to eat when they are small. Put all the veggies into their own containers, that way you can portion things out when you grill them. 

Prep sauce.

Mortar your Thai chili with the garlic and squeeze all the lime into a bowl and add the fish sauce and the rest and stir well.

Get your grill very hot before you place all the goodies on.  Once it’s hot, put a slice of butter and then layer it on, beef, then veggies.  

You can pretty much cook it to your liking and toss it around with wooden chopstick and eat as you go.  Dip your veggies into the sauce and you’ll be in heaven! Serve with white rice or eat only with the noodles. 

This dish pairs well with a nice Pinot Gris, Chardonnay or an IPA

Happy eating! Thanks for reading


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