Brussells & Lime

EWW Brussel Sprouts!! This is a vegetable most people tend to pass up when its served on the table.  Why? Maybe because they cooked it all wrong.  It’s normally always over cooked and absolutely no flavor. 
Well I stumbled on this dish a few years ago at a small restaurant in South Pasadena, I fell in love instantly! And it was so simple – I had to make it at home, and I did – I cooked it at least once a week.
The only part I don’t care for is the prepping, ahhh these little guys are like small cabbages that you have to julienne.


1 bag full of Brussels sprouts
3 garlic cloves minced
2 shallots sliced
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
fresh cracked pepper
1 fresh lime
Wok or large frying pan


Slice the sprouts into thin strips, set aside in a bowl.  Mince the garlic and slice the shallots and transfer to a bowl.  Heat your pan to high and pour the olive oil and let it heat for about a minute, toss in your garlic and shallots and flip with the handle (if you know how to) let it cook for 30 seconds then add your sprouts to it.  Let the sprouts sit in the shallots and garlic first for about 2 minutes without mixing it, I like the garlic a little brown.  After 2 minutes, flip the pan gently without letting the sprouts get everywhere. Cook for about 7 minutes then transfer to a platter, then squeeze the lime all over evenly the sprouts.  Add pepper to your own liking.

That’s it, enjoy eating and thank you for reading 


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